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How to join

  • 1. Start the Bitluck Airdrop Bot.
  • 2. Join Bitluck Telegram Channel. (Mandatory)
  • 3. Follow Bitluck on Twitter and like last 2 tweets. (Mandatory)
  • 4. Retweet this tweet. (Mandatory).
  • 5. Like Bitluck Facebook page and share this post. (Mandatory)
  • 6. Watch and like the video on YouTube and subscribe to the Bitluck Channel. (Mandatory)
  • 7. Register on Bitluck website. (Mandatory)
  • 8. Click "Yes" and submit your details to the bot.
  • 9. You will receive $10 for completing all tasks.
  • 10. Also, earn $1 for every referral (Max. 50 referrals).

More about Bitluck

BitLuck is cloud mining #1 from the manufacturer of mining equipment. Invest your cryptocurrency and start earning up to 96% of annual income daily.

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