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Required tools:

Coinsbit is airdropping 2000 CNB (~$200) tokens to new users.

How to join

1. Create an account at Coinsbit.
2. Verify your email and log in.
3. Complete your KYC verification.
4. You will get 2000 CNB tokens.
5. Also, earn 1000 CNB for each referral, 500 CNB for second-tier referral and 250 for the third tied referral!

* Your referrals also need to complete their KYC to be eligible for the referral rewards.

More about Coinsbit

Coinsbit is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange. They aim to provide secure and faster transaction speeds. Coinsbit is airdropping 2,000 CNB tokens to new users. Create an account at Coinsbit and complete your KYC verification to receive the tokens. Also get 1,000 CNB for each referral and 500 CNB if your friend invites another friend and an extra 250 CNB if your friend’s referral invites another friend.

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