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How to join

  • 1. Visit the CreekEx Airdrop Page.
  • 2. Create an account at CreekEx and complete your KYC. (Mandatory, +1,000 CRX)
  • 3. Follow CreekEx on Twitter. (Mandatory, +1,000 CRX)
  • 4. Like and Retweet the airdrop tweet from Offcial CreekEx Twitter Page. (Mandatory, +1,000 CRX)
  • 5. Comment campaign tweet with #cryptocurrency #bitcoin tags. (Mandatory, +1,000 CRX)
  • 6. Join CreekEx on Telegram (Channel). (Mandatory, +1,000 CRX)
  • 7. Submit your details on the Airdrop page.
  • 8. You will receive 5,000 CRX tokens.

More about CreekEx

CreekEx is a crypto currency exchange platform that unites the main players of the market.

Share this airdrop on social media: