Crowdvilla Airdrop

Est. value
$10.4 + Referral
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0 days left

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Required tools:

Do all tasks below and earn 130 CRV (~$10.4). Grab an additional 20 CRV (~$1.6) for every referral (unlimited!)

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Crowdvilla Telegram group and AirdropRating Telegram channel.
2. Follow Crowdvilla and AirdropRating on Twitter.
3. (optional for bonus) Post an encouraging messages to Crowdvilla’s Telegram, Twitter (tag @crowdvillaio and hashtag #crowdvilla on Twitter), and Bitcointalk thread, and earn bonus of 30 CRV. 
4. Fill out the form below and include your Email and ETH wallet.

More about Crowdvilla

Crowdvilla will revolutionise the time-sharing model in real estate. As a community, we will have access to shared holiday homes that we can own and enjoy. The CRV (Crowdvilla) Token is a type of ownership token for the properties under the Crowdvilla portfolio.

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