Darico Airdrop

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Required tools:

How to join?

  • 1. Sign up on the website.
  • 2. Confirm your mobile and email.
  • 3. Perform basic KYC.(mandatory to claim the reward)
  • 4. Visit REWARD TAB and scroll down to access task list. (can only be accessed after KYC verification)
  • 5. Join Telegram group.(+2 DEC)
  • 6. Follow Facebook.(+2 DEC)
  • 7. Follow Twitter.(+2 DEC)
  • 8. Subscribe on Youtube.(+2 DEC)
  • 9. Follow LinkedIn.(+2 DEC)
  • 10. Subscribe Reddit.(+2 DEC)
  • 11. Submit your details to the form.
  • 12. Click on ENTER THE DARICAN PROGRAM and do as many tasks as possible to get more DARICO tokens.
  • 13. Refer friends to earn more.

More about Darico

DARICO is a platform that empowers the users by giving them a professional and user friendly investment tool that enables them to monitor, trade, invest and spend their crypto currency with confidence.

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