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The new round of Experty Airdrop is worth 30,000 EXY tokens in total which will be distributed among all participants. Complete easy tasks to take your share of the EXY tokens, which are already tradable!

How to join

  • 1. Sign up for Experty newsletter.
  • 2. You’ll get an e-mail asking for e-mail address confirmation and link to a page with further steps.

    You'll be asked for:
  • 3. Your ETH address (Make sure the address provided is a valid ETH address so we are able to send the ERC20 tokens to the address you provide.)
  • 4. Your Twitter handle
  • 5. Follow Experty on Twitter
  • 6. Retweet a post tagging users provided
  • 7. Join TG channel provided by Experty
  • 8. Share the Twitter post to joined TG channel
  • 9. Make a screenshot
  • 10. Upload your screenshot

That's it! 30,000 EXY tokens will be distributed till 03.19.2020.

More about Experty is the first Ethereum powered voice application that allows users to monetize their time, knowledge, and expertise on a global scale. The Ethereum blockchain allows for automatic payments from client to contractor based on the predetermined rate and the length of the conversation. Experts on any subject can share a link to their Experty profile on any platform they see fit, including but not limited to, social media, websites, and emails. There is no central marketplace.

Share this airdrop on social media: