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AIRDROP REWARD IS $5,000,000 in GLD Token. Total to earn = 6 GLD tokens, per referral = 2 GLD tokens. One person can attend the campaign only once. Duplicate applications will be disqualified.

How to join:

  • 1. Start chat with a Telegram Bot.
  • 2. Sign Up At Our Website.
  • 3. Join Our Telegram Channel.
  • 4. Follow Twitter and Retweet Pin post.
  • 5. Like page, share last post and follow us on Facebook.
  • 6. Follow us on Linkedin.
  • 7. Additional Tasks: Watch our Youtube video and subscribe our channel.
  • 8. Like page, share last post and follow us on Instagram.
  • 9. Follow us Medium, Clap/Share last post.
  • 10. Subscribe our Reddit, Vote last post.
  • 11. Submit your details on Telegram Bot.

More about Goldario

Goldario aims to be the world’s leading platform of choice for consumers and businesses dealing in the jewelry industry. It strives to allow users to obtain and have entitlement over physical mines, jewelry production factories and jewelry retail businesses from across the world, and in doing so, create potential underlying assets backing to Goldario (GLD) Token.

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