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1.5 million tokens will be distributed during the airdrop, which is 1.25% of the total number of MLGC tokens issued. The participant who completes all the tasks will receive 120 MLGC tokens, which equals $ 30!

How to join?

  • 1. Follow the official Marshal Lion Group Coin Twitter profile and repost with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  • 2. Follow the official Marshal Lion Group Coin profile on FaceBook and give a like, repost with tag of our FB and with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  • 3. Join the official Marshal Lion Group Coin profile on Reddit, vote and share the post.
  • 4. Join the official MarshallLion Group Coin Telegram.
  • 5. Subscribe and like our two videos on Youtube.
  • 6. Give likes on LinkedIn for any post and make a repost with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  • 7. Follow the official Marshal Lion Group Coin profile on Medium.
  • 8. To get the payout, you need to send an email with your Name, Links of your reposts and your ETH wallet to this email address:

    The airdrop starts on 19th of August and finishes on 19th of September.
    The token distribution is planned on 19th October after reviewing all of the results and finishing the IEO of the project. Tokens are going to be locked for two months in order to level up the liquidity of them and achieve listing on premium exchanges.

More about Marshal Lion Group Coin

Marshal Lion with its registered seat in Warsaw is a company that holds extensive experience and a perfect understanding of the Polish non-bank lending market. Marshal Lion’s issue objective is to create a special blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market, as well as to provide a tool to allow convenient use of this platform - a token. As part of the process, investors will deposit funds at the Marshal Lion team’s disposal, which will then be used to create a dedicated platform that will then host complete products. Its core functionality will be the option to invest the token in products associated with Marshal Lion’s non-bank loans granted to companies and individual clients at various interest rates and maturity dates.

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