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Required tools:

How to join:

Types of bounty campaign:
Twitter : $0.50 in Ethereum per accepted tweet, like, reply and retweet.
Facebook : $0.50 in Ethereum per accepted post, like, comment and share.
Telegram : $0.25 in Ethereum per accepted post in our telegram channel.
TrustPilot :  $0.50 in Ethereum per accepted review.
You-Tube : $2 – $40 in Ethereum per accepted video review depending on the video review quality.
Google ads : +20% in your total Google ads cost. [ Maximum of $500 worth of rewards only]
Blog Post :  $2 – $40 in Ethereum per accepted blog post depending on the quality.
[Rejected entries will have no Rewards]

General Bounty Campaign Rules:
Must have an account on Multimine
Must join there Telegram Channel
Must like and follow them on Facebook
Must subscribe to there Youtube Channel
Must have a minimum of 500 followers on Twitter. [w/ audit score of 90% and above] – For Twitter Campaign
Must have a minimum of 1000 followers/friends. – For Facebook Campaign
Must have active investment in Multi Mine + Telegram group must have at least 1,000 members. – For Telegram Campaign
Must post a positive review on Multi Mine’s Trustpilot page – For TrustPilot Campaign
Must have a minimum of 200 subscribers in your Youtube channel – For YouTube Campaign
Blog accounts must be at least 3 months old and Blog post must only be posted on Steemit/Medium or Uptrend.
 Cheating by spamming, low-quality posts, enrolling multiple accounts will result in disqualification.
Bounty Rewards are sent on a daily basis.
 (For more details, visit the Multimine Bounty page)

Only 1 account per person is allowed.
Maximum of 1 (one) tweet per day only.
Maximum of 1 (one) like and comment per day only.
Maximum of 1 (one) Trustpilot review per person only.
Maximum of 1 (one) video review per day only.
Questions or concerns about the bounty campaign, e-mail at:

More about Multimine Bounty

Multimine is a cloud mining service with the highest hash power ever for everyone to achieve the best earning through their capital. Multimine stands out with its high profitability, security and transparency mining features.

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