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Neo Smart Energy Airdrop is worth 1 NSE token (~$ 10). Invite friends to earn 0,2 NSE token (~$ 2) for each referral.

How to join

  • 1. Chat with the Neo Smart Energy Airdrop Telegram bot.
  • 2. Complete human verification and click on 'Task'.
  • 3. Join Neo Smart Energy on Telegram.
  • 4. Follow Neo Smart Energy on Twitter & Retweet the pinned post.
  • 5. Follow Neo Smart Energy on Facebook & share the pinned post.
  • 6. Click on 'Profile' and submit your mail, other details and your ERC-20 wallet address to the airdrop bot. The bot asks for your NSE wallet, which means ERC-20 wallet
  • 7. You will receive 1 NSE token. Click on 'Referral' to copy your referral link and start inviting friends to earn 0,2 NSE for each referral.

More about Neo Smart Energy

Neo Smart Energy is a new breakthrough innovation in the power generation industry. It is the first method in the world which can produce electricity in a good quality, environmentally friendly, affordable and without any kind of Prime mover. These innovations can generally be referred to as non-mechanical generator. Smart G Portable Charging Device is their first product. It performs as a mini generator and is able to charge the device battery without the need to recharge it like a powerbank, because the smart G can generate the electric itself.

Share this airdrop on social media: