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Neo is airdropping 1 NEO  for the first 1000 users of the Nep5 Wallet!
(need to hurry before it ends).

How to join

1. Download and install the Nep5 wallet on Google Chrome Store.
2. Create a new wallet by Nep5, or Import your wallet (Neotracker, Neon, etc).
3. You will get 1 NEO (~$12) within 2 weeks after the event ends.

Questions? Read more on the Nep5 support center.

Optional:: There is another Airdrop event for NEO holders. You can read all the details on this medium post.

More about Nep5 Wallet

To celebrate the official launch of the Nep5 Wallet , the team has a special gift to all users, customers, investors. We want to give you the opportunity to receive free NEO/GAS — one of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment.

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