Serenity Source Airdrop

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$5 + referral
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Serenity Source is airdropping a total pool of 5000000 SET (equivalent $500000) to participants. Earn stakes for solving tasks/refering friends.


How to join?

  • 1. Start chat with Serenity Source Telegram Bot.
  • 2. Submit your Email address and verify it.
  • 3. Join Serenity Source Telegram group or press "/group". (+3 Stakes)
  • 4. Like Serenity Source on Facebook.
  • 5. Follow Serenity Source on Twitter.
  • 6. Press "/link" and generate your referral link.
  • 7. You can earn an additional 2 stakes for every referral.
  • 8. Press "/address" and submit your ETH address.

Note: Once you join, you must introduce yourself and pose a thoughtful question your thought about the project or else you will be DISQUALIFIED! Simply saying "hi" does not qualify you! 3% of the total supply has been allocated for the bounty and 33% is allocated for the airdrop. Users can expect to earn an average of $5 worth of SET tokens.
KYC is required for this airdrop.


More about Serenity Source

Serenity is bringing blockchain to the energy sector with the potential to transform how people engage with these utilities by bringing control and transparency back to the end users and offering solutions for people who have been neglected by traditional systems.

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