Stellerro Airdrop

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$5 + Referral
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Required tools:

Do all the tasks below and earn 5 STRO (~$5). Grab an additional 1 STRO (~$1) for every referral (unlimited!)

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Stellerro Telegram group and AirdropRating Telegram channel - 2 STRO
2. Follow Stellerro and AirdropRating on Twitter, and retweet this - 2 STRO
3. [OPTIONAL]  Follow Stellerro on Facebook  - 0.5 STRO
4. [OPTIONAL] Follow Stellerro on Instagram - 0.5 STRO

* First two steps are mandatory.
* Do not to leave Stellerro and AirdropRating telegram channels until token distribution.

More about Stellerro

Stellerro is spearheading an innovative umbrella for the emerging digital securities industry, ensuring companies meet the right underwriting, compliance & distribution processes of numerous regulated jurisdictions. Whether you’re an asset owner, entrepreneur or a startup, Stellerro's team of experts is standing by to help you with everything you need in order to navigate this groundbreaking industry.

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