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The United Crypto Alliance – UCA for short – was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin – a decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryptocurrencies.

How to join:

  • 1. Start chat with LATOKEN (UCA) Airdrop bot.
  • 2. Submit your registered Latoken mail (Complete KYC Tier 2).
  • 3. Click "Join & follow us" and complete the social tasks. (+240 UCA)
  • 4. Click "Quiz" and answer all questions. (+240 UCA)
  • 5. You will get 480 UCA tokens.
  • 6. Also, earn 1 UCA for each referral.
  • 7. For more details about the airdrop, visit this Official Post.

Quiz Answer:
1. Ilhan Dogan
2. PIVX Fork
3. Clean Energy

More about United Crypto Alliance

The Alliance’s approach is “strong together”. United Crypto Alliance goal is to create a union of many companies to establish the UCA Coin as a stable cryptocurrency with long-term success. The UCA Coin is held by many alliance partners around the world, and it is this global distribution that makes the UCA Coin so special. Instead of relying on a single initiator, in this instance many partners act simultaneously, around the clock, and in many areas of the world. The options for advertising, distribution and price increases are unlimited, and are not bound by national borders, language borders or anything else.

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